France has become the first finalist

Evženie Votinská, 24.07. 2021 Aktuality

The Cadets' European Championship has advanced into the second to last day which contains semifinal games in its programme. Not only the vision of the gold medal but also a participation in The World Championship 2022 is on the table and only the finalists can make it. Germany is out of the game after the preliminary round and will not defend the European title.

The first semifinal game between the winner of group B, Italy, and the second team of group A, France, ended with a surprising victory of the French national team 9:7. Italy went through its basic group without any hesitation, defeated The Netherlands but France caught them off guard. After a very balanced beginning of the game - 1:1 after two innings - the Italian starting pitcher, Marelli, ran out of energy and the rival took advantage of that. French team filled up all the bases after three walks and forced the Italian coach to change the pitcher. But this step didn't work out. Five runs scored made France lead with a score 6:1 and they were leading 9:2 before the bottom of the fifth inning. Italy was able to answer at the bottom of the inning when they lowered the score to 9:6 after walks, a single, a double and a triple hit. Not even another run scored in the next inning helped to flip the score around. Thus France has become the first finalist, Italy will play for the bronze. 


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